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Benefits of Sea Moss 

helps rid the body of mucus
helps support and promote a healthy immune system
helps improves energy level
helps with respiratory health
helps improve metabolism
helps lowers blood pressure
aids in weight loss with a balance diet
helps with vaginal health
helps with thyroid issues
helps improve libido
help with impotency 
aids in digestive health
known to help remove radiation poisoning 
aids in emotional health
helps support reproductive health
great for your skin and hair
known as a powerful anti-Inflammatory
helps with joint health
helps support a healthy heart
and more!
What Is Sea Moss?

What Is Sea Moss?

Sea moss is a sea algae that is commonly found along the Atlantic coast and Caribbean's. It is a sea vegetable that is harvested for its health properties. Sea moss is often described as spiny and red. Although this is true, the color of sea moss depends on where it is harvested from. The climate and water temperatures that the sea moss is grown in. You might see sea moss that is green, yellow, purple, brown, and black.

Our Mission

Our Mission

Providing the best quality all natural products and educating communities on the importance of maintaining a healthy lifestyle has always been the core purpose in the creation of Sea Moss By Nadia. As a small business, we value our customers and believe access to organic sea moss with no preservatives should be attainable for all. Complete transparency is what our business stands for as we believe people should know exactly what they are putting into their bodies. That is precisely why we are proud in the fact that our sea moss is not only made fresh upon order, but is harvested directly from the island of St. Lucia. Our overall goal is to teach communities the importance of feeding our bodies the nutrients it needs for optimal health.

Our Team

Joy Irving