Turmeric & Galangal Sea Moss Gel

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Sea Moss is life on its own but when you added other natural ingredients, it becomes a powerhouse! We've formulated the perfect potion for you.

Similarly to ginger and turmeric, galangal can be eaten fresh or cooked. It is known to be incorporated into Asian dishes. Galangal's flavor is sharper, spicier, and slightly more peppery than ginger.

Benefits of Galangal includes fights inflammation as it's rich in antioxidants, strengthens the immune system, protects against cancer and may prevent from spreading, is a natural antimicrobial, good for skin, supports digestive health, brain health, may help reduce blood cholesterol levels, fights respiratory ailments, increases sperm count and motility.

Turmeric is a potent anti-inflammatory and anti-oxidant.  It helps combat joint aches, arthritis, depression, insomnia, lowers cholesterol, flushes toxins in your liver  and more

 Ingredients: wildcraft sea moss, spring water (from the spring itself), turmeric, galangal

A Few Sea Moss Benefits:

  • Boost & supports your immune system.
  • Improves thyroid function.
  • Increase energy level.
  • Helps support mental health.
  • Sinus congestion.
  • Nourishes skin as it contains collagen.

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Sea Moss Gel Care: For 16 and 32oz, transfer gel to a glass jar with a lid. Store 2 week's worth in the refrigerator and freeze the remaining (2) weekly portions in a freezer-safe container or zip lock freezer bag. This will help to preserve the shelf life. See instruction sheet for additional details.

Suggested use: 2 tablespoons per day

*Results from this product may vary from person to person. Please do not use this product when pregnant or breastfeeding. You should consult a physician before using this product or any herbs. The statements on this package have not been evaluated by the FDA, and this product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease or illnesses.