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Nowadays, most of us working diligently to keep our immune systems boosted so we’ve come up with a convenient way to help you do so. Our delicious Sea Moss Limeade drink is just what you need to help keep your body feeling its best. 

This drink is made with 100% Fresh Wild Craft Sea Moss,100% Natural Spring Water (from the spring!), Organic Key Limes and Limes along with other natural ingredients with NO SUGAR OR PRESERVATIVES ADDED. This exhilarating drink is full of antioxidants and vitamin-c. Your body is going love this!

    SIZE: 12oz

    Suggested use: Refrigerate or freeze and defrost as needed or you can keep them in the refrigerator if you plan to drink the same week you receive the shipment. 

    Each bottle contains about 3 servings of sea moss so can be split into 2 days if desired-just drink half a bottle if you would like and save the rest for the next day! 

    Note: Ok to consume entire bottle in one day provided thyroid levels are normal. Please consult with your Dr.  before doing so.


    *Results from this product may vary from person to person. Please do not use this product when pregnant or breastfeeding . You should consult a physician before using this product or any herbs. The statements on this package have not been evaluated by the FDA, and this product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease or illnesses.